Nerdiness and Happiness

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot


I will explain my choice of quote in just a moment but first let me tell you a little about myself. I had a really rough teenagedom (i am making that a word) my mom put me through hell because I was a “drug addict” so I ended up in quite a few tough places i.e. lockup, rehab, KEY program, etc etc. I grew a tough exterior and most people were afraid of me or looked down on me for being “ghetto”. This is hilarious if you actually know me; I would rather spend the night sitting home reading Harry Potter than go out drinking with “friends” that I will never actually see again.

I am a closet nerd. I started a Harry Potter club and I am still convinced I am going to stumble upon Diagon Alley when I eventually travel to Europe.

I will admit I have quite the temper and it is definitely exaggerated when I’m intoxicated; it doesn’t help that I’m Hispanic and I have that Latin fire in my blood. Anywhooooo… it gave me quite the reputation in school and made my life in a small wealthy town a living hell. The people around here are entirely too judgmental and instead of getting to know the nerdy loving side of me they stuck up their noses and ignored my existence. My point of all of this I am a huge nerd and have a sincere appreciation for other nerd folk :]

I digress, I work with a super nerd whom I love so very much. She is much more open about her nerdiness and we often find ourselves imitating the hunchback scaring off customers!! We have this tradition when we work together. I let her know when I am having internal battles or life struggles when I need some guidance, and she brings her all-knowing Tarot cards .

This past week has been quite the internal struggle life battles week so she brought them along with her. I AM EXTREMELY PLEASED with the outcome :]. Supposedly, I will be getting a new job or promotion, come into some wealth, and getting back into school. Hence the quote, I have been in a rut feeling as if it is too late for me and none of my dreams will come true, being stuck in retail for the rest of my life! I am only 20 so that sounds crazy but I haven’t been in school and haven’t been happy about it.

My super nerdy friend has inspired me, rekindled my motivational flame inside me and gave me hope for the future :]! It is never too late to achieve your dreams. I am challenging everyone this week to rekindle their motivational flames and achieve something great! Be it small or life changing, go out and put a smile on your face because I know there is one on mine! :]

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5 Responses to Nerdiness and Happiness

  1. Suzanne Polo says:

    I hope you find what you are looking for honey:)
    Love mom

  2. Amy says:

    Love this Sarah! So brave of you to put yourself out there and I have no doubt you can do anything you put your mind to! I laughed when I read that you still love Harry Potter, I remember you begging me to read it to you and then yelling at me when I said Hermione’s name wrong! lol I’m so glad you got me reading it though, don’t know if I would have realized how good the books are otherwise! Don’t let anyone but you judge you, if there’s any bit of that little kid I used to know left in you than you are one creative, talented and awesome person. Be nerdy, and throw yourself at what you love, trust me things will get better! 🙂

    • sarahpolok says:

      Thanks Amy!! Trying this out to try and help myself figure out my life haha! I still yell at people when they pronounce the names wrong! 🙂 I haven’t changed one bit!

  3. Amy says:

    Glad to hear it. Feel free to reach out if you ever feel you need help with anything. I’ve been though college and could help with questions about school maybe or just in general if you ever feel you need someone random to talk to.

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