Today, as I was doing my daily browsing of Facebook posts I came across a very close old friend’s status. It read: “a boy in the first grade class I’ve been working in was ecstatic all day because he had a new pencil with an eraser. perspective.” I read the comments below and learned that this first grade boy had received a new pencil with an eraser for his birthday. He came from an incredibly poor family and this pencil was all they could afford.

Instantly, I was brought to tears. This boy was so happy to have this small simple gift; something so insignificant was a cause for celebration. I began to think of all of the things I had and couldn’t imagine being so happy to receive a pencil!! I inquired further. I asked my friend about the situation, I told her that the status had made me cry. She told me that she is an assistant teacher for an inner city school (first grade). She told me about some of the situations these children were in, most of them went hungry and had multiple family members in jail. I again started to cry.

These poor children, so innocent, never having harmed anyone in their lives have to be scarred and carry such heavy burdens. I have never gone hungry in my life or ever had to want for much. They leave school not knowing whether daddy will be home or if dinner will be on the table. Here I am sitting on my expensive laptop googling new tablets and room furnishings. She told me one child had never owned a toy in his life!

She is trying to start an after school program for these kids so that they can have a nice big snack before they go home.This after school program will hopefully involve a sports activity so that these children can have some good life experiences outside of their home that will help them see some good and happiness in the world.

When my boyfriend saw how affected I was by this he told me a story. When he was a child he was in situations like these; as all the other children were taking out their 146 colored crayons with the sharpener in the back he had to take out his 8 pack of basic colors because he couldn’t afford much else. There were times his family had to use a space heater to heat their house and they would all sleep next to it in sleeping bags. Neither of us wanted anyone to have to go through this so he suggested we both take $25 a piece and buy them all some school supplies, coloring books, crayons, etc. It isn’t much but these children take nothing for granted!

People are always flocking to the next big charity or cause that’s on TV or blown up on Facebook but people don’t realize that just around the corner people need help! No you won’t get a million likes on your Facebook page or more followers on twitter for doing it but it’s small acts of kindness like these that change the world. I am hoping to help volunteer and give these small donations and prevent these innocent children from becoming a product of their environment. They are in the age of innocence and are experiencing things most of us will never have to go through in our lifetime. The most devastating thing to happen to them should be a broken crayon, not losing another parent to an overdose or lockup.

We would love any help; any donations at all would be amazing. She is looking to try to get businesses to donate small amounts of money to start up this after school program for these kids.

I hope that this post puts a little perspective into your life; don’t take anything you have for granted because most of us have it a lot better than others. Thanks for listening :]

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One Response to Perspective

  1. Suzanne Polo says:

    I wish you all the best in supporting your friend in this endeavor. May it lead to a lifetime of giving and loving. I know I am happiest when I am helping others.

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