Happy Thanksgiving all!!

In spirit of Thanksgiving I figured I would write a post about gratitude. Most of us live our everyday lives not really taking inventory on things we are grateful for. Many people have food to eat, a roof over their heads and warmth and comfort. Yet we take it for granted all of the time. So here is my list of things I am grateful for:

1. The things I just mentioned, food, shelter, clothing, and heat and hot water. All of the basic necessities it takes to live my everyday life. I am grateful I have never felt a discomfort like hunger or discomfort because of the weather.

2. A loving family; my mother who does everything she can for me with what little she has, my grandparents who taught me things I didn’t think mattered until now like manners and how to make gravy :], my aunts and uncles, my wonderful cousins especially Adam who is probably the only person who consecutively reads this! You are all wonderful and thank you for loving me unconditionally!

3. An amazing boyfriend. You make me smile when I am down and never fail to make me laugh. You care for me and always put my happiness before your own. I love you and I love the way you love me no matter how weird, mean, silly, or panicky I get. Thank you for your wonderful love.

4. All of my technological toys, Phone, computer, etc. I don’t think I could live without them anymore. I am grateful to have every answer I need at my fingertips.

5. A cozy new bed to help my back and my heating pad. Both things, if I did not have, I would not be able to walk around most of the time.

6. A great job and coworkers! You are all an amazing team and make my work day not so miserable!

7. Last but not least, COFFEE! Thank you for waking me up every morning. No matter my mood you always manage to put a smile on my face. Thank you for your warm deliciousness!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you are all now thinking of the things you are grateful for! There are a million more things I could put into this list but it would bore most people to death. I had to make a list one time when I was away in a program and I think I managed to put 100 things down. That would just be silliness right now though. Oh I am also grateful I got to watch my grandmother battle my cousin’s grandmother tonight in Just Dance! It was hilarious and I will never forget it! Good night everyone and Happy Holidays :]

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