Divine Intervention?

So for the past week or so I have been finding a dime and a penny or eleven cents every single day. Today I found it in my boyfriend’a bathroom? The other day it was outside a gas station and a few days in a row it was next to my bed. The ones I found in my room are in explainable seeing as I’m the only person in there and I haven’t been dropping eleven cents on a regular basis?

I did a little research and apparently finding eleven cents is significant not just the number eleven but the dime and penny phenomenon! It seems from my research that I have an angel who is letting me know it is watching me!! To find this out really warmed my heart and made me think about my day to day life. I think I now need to do a little life inventory and pay attention to time of day of these signs or what my thoughts are and make some positive changes in my life. For now it was really good to know that someone is watching over me :).

For a long time I fought with my spirituality and refused to accept god in my life. I thought with all of the bad in my life and our world how could there be a god. Was he just rejecting our modern day civilization because it was just too horrendous for even his miracles? Yet God refuses to let me disbelieve, my life was given back to me by the angels once, I survived a terrible car crash, and now when I need it most the angels present me with a sign they are watching and here for me. I may not believe in the Bibles interpretation of “god” or “Jesus” but I so believe there is a higher power watching over us all. Sometimes it’s the smallest miracles that remind us we aren’t alone in the world.

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